Main Services

Adult Groupwork

The Centre’s groupwork programme which offers both universal and targeted interventions with adults focuses on:

  • Improving parenting skills
  • Improving understanding of child development
  • Improving self-confidence & self-worth
  • Improving family relationships
  • Improving financial management
  • Improving catering skills
  • Improving understanding of dietary needs and healthy eating
  • Improving understanding of healthy lifestyles

When adults participate in groupwork, their children can be cared for in the children’s service; this also allows the opportunity for work to be undertaken with both parents and children within the family at the same time.


Family Services

The Family Service provides a range of advice and practical support to adults referred to the Cottage.  As stated above, the referral and assessment process is based on the family unit as a whole and specific, task-centred work with adults is identified as part of this.  The family support programme is aimed at strengthening relationships and supporting families who are or have experienced problems with homelessness, drug & alcohol misuse, domestic violence, etc – building on individual strengths and abilities – to make changes to their lives.

The family service employ a range of approaches geared to the needs and abilities of the individuals involved.  Examples of this include:

  • organising, coordinating and leading groupwork
  • networking with local services or agencies to deliver groupwork approaches, support individual families and promote the develop local resources to meet the needs of families in the area, for example, Community Food Project
  • individual support to attend appointments/ formal meetings, for example, legal, housing or medical appointments, in the capacity of advocate/ advisor
  • individual advice/ guidance/ discussion/ emotional support
  • ensuring that individuals are referred on to appropriate agencies where specific issues are identified, for example, money advice, housing, health related issues

In addition to the above, the family service workers also provide a drop enquiry service.

The family service workers work closely with other sections of the Cottage to ensure a coordinated approach to supporting families.


Children’s Services

The Children’s Service provides childcare for children aged from six weeks to five years.  The crèche facility is regulated by the Care Inspectorate (Social Care & Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS)).  It is registered to accommodate up to 15 children, however, the numbers at any time are dictated by the age of the children attending, for example, younger children need a higher ratio of staff.

Although registered and inspected as a crèche, the work undertaken by the staff is more involved and complex than that of a traditional crèche facility due to the nature of the business of the Centre and the reasons for the referral for support.  For example, children’s services staff will undertake specific pieces of work with individual children following on from the assessment and are required to undertake observations on the children attending and ensure that case records are maintained identify:

  • relationships/ interactions with other children/ adults
  • behaviours
  • development milestones
  • speech and language development

The crèche is used for caring for children whilst parents are involved in the adult activity programme in the Centre.

Children’s workers will also ensure that children are referred on to other agencies where there are identified additional needs, for example, sensory impairment, speech or language problems, etc.

As part of the children’s programme, there are opportunities for parents to be involved with the activities, for example, the Baby Cafe which provides an opportunity for new mothers and babies to participate in art, messy play and cooking sessions.  This is linked with the provision of advice from the allocated midwife/health visitor on feed preparation and healthy snacks.   Another example is also Little Seedlings where parents can join their children in the play room and socialise with other parents and is an opportunity to promote the importance of play inside and outside the home.

There is provision within the children’s service, although limited, for respite care to be provided at times where there are exceptional pressures or crisis within the family.