Referrals can be made to the Cottage from Social Work, NHS, Housing Services, Education Services or other organisations.

Following receipt of a referral, families are advised within 1-3 days that we have received a referral for them. The management staff analyse the evidence within the referral and allocate the referral to the appropriate Cottage service to allow a registration and assessment meeting to take place with the family within 3 -7 days. This can be completed either within the family home or within the centre (Urgent referrals would be seen as a priority).

The assessment covers a number of areas including attachment, behaviours, relationships and health and wellbeing. The conclusions from this are then analysed and considered by the management team who then make decisions on which, if any, of the services offered at the centre may be beneficial to the family. The outcomes from the assessment are also used to identify where a referral to a more specialist service may be required.