Range of Service Provision

In order to deliver a holistic but focussed service, the Cottage delivers a range of services to families. 

The main services funded by Fife Council include:

  • Adult Groupwork
  • Family Services
  • Children’s Services

However, in addition to these, as stated above, the Cottage operates a range of other initiatives and activities which complement and support their main business functions which are funded separately.  These include:

  1. Therapeutic Support Service (Children and young people)
  2. Counselling Service (young people)
  3. Dad’s Project
  4. Adult Basic Education and Information Technology classes
  5. Accommodation/ facilities for supervised contact for parents separated from their children (managed by social work staff)
  6. Accommodation/ facilities for Family Contact (formal court access arrangements – managed by Relationship Scotland)
  7. Accommodation/ facilities for ante-natal clinic (drop-in clinic managed by NHS staff)