We are a small stand-alone charity based in Kirkcaldy which supports some of the most vulnerable children and families in the Kirkcaldy and surrounding areas by providing both emotional and practical support of which can take many different forms. 

As an organisation, part of our work, is to influence and advocate for our children and families to ensure that in the future no child goes without, at the very least, their basic needs but we can’t do this alone and we rely on the people in our communities to support us to make this happen and that’s why your support, not only by making a donation, is so important. Our families have often had very negative challenge’s and experiences during their lifetimes and often think that no one really cares, by working together across all sectors we would like to continue to be able to change this.

Every week in our organisation, we meet children who don’t eat 3 meals per day, who don’t have a bed of their own to sleep in or even a coat to wear in winter. We meet parents who can’t cook a proper meal for their family as they don’t have a cooker and many who have to make the choice between having food or utilities.

At Christmas, when support services are often restricted or closed, our fundraising enables us to provide 10 days’ worth of food, which includes Christmas dinner, support with utilities, toys and clothing for families who are in desperate need. Our Christmas appeal does not receive any government grants and is only made possible by us all working together. In 2022, by coming together, we were able to raise our funding target which enabled us to support 1998 children and their families.

Every penny raised from fundraising throughout the year is used to support our families and enable us to provide food, clothing, utilities and household items such as beds, cookers. We also use it to provide outings, family fun days and to provide other resources families may need when they are in crisis.

To make a donation visit us at our centre or to make a monetary donation by bank transfer our details are as follows: 


Sort Code: 80-16-84      Account Number: 06006462


You can also boost any donations by 25p of Gft Aid for every £1 you donate by completing our Gift Aid form.

Please either use our online form or download the PDF form and email to:  [email protected]

We would hugely appreciate any assistance you could provide to us and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.