Additional Support to the Linktown/inverteil area of Kirkcaldy

  • 19 January 2024

We have teamed up with Kirkcaldy West Primary School to bring some much needed additional support to families living in the Linktown/inverteil area thanks to the generosity of 2 amazing benefactors who wish to remain anonymous providing us with the much needed additional funding to allow us to recruit our fantastic part time Outreach Family Support Worker Gemma as well as funding for the resources we need to undertake additional group work support with children and families across the linktown/ inverteil community. 

Although many families from across the Linktown/ Inverteil area access supports from our family centres in Templehall and Gallatown , we know some families find it really difficult to get to our centre’s due to barriers and challenges they face so since October we have brought support to them in their community.

Child poverty levels in the area have continued to increase and with poverty we know comes many other challenges and we also know that unless we provide the support families need in their time of need, this will have a lasting negative impact on their health , wellbeing and their life chances overall .

We hope that by providing this key support within the school annex , we will enable the school to become the focal point for all families across the community and we are working with other organisations to ensure we maximize opportunities for our children and families too.

By creating a better understanding of the issues and challenges many families face in their community and by everyone coming together, we create a real sense of belonging where everyone feels valued and in turn the lives of our children and families can really be improved now and in the future.

On behalf of everyone at the Cottage and Kirkcaldy West Primary school we want to thank again the 2 benefactors for their unwavering care , kindness and support and for allowing us the opportunity to really make a difference to those that matter most.

For further information about the support on offer , please contact our Assistant Manager Lesley Patrick on 01592269489