The Big Hoose Fife Project

  • 21 January 2022
21st January 2022
The Big Hoose Project   The Cottage have signed an agreement with which will see multi million pounds worth of household goods be distributed to children and families living in poverty across Fife.   Our new project - The Big Hoose Fife Project will work in partnership with other charity’s, social workers, health visitors and other organisations to enable thousands of families access through a referral process to items such as bedding , kitchen items, towels, toilet roll , nappies , rugs and other household furnishings and goods.   Amazon have also provided £150,000.00 to enable us to recruit staffing for this project and have also seconded their own staff from their warehouse in Dunfermline to support the project in the initial stages to allow goods to be available to families right now.   For making the new Big Hoose project possible the Cottage is hugely appreciative not only to Amazon but also to the The Purvis Group - Construction, Logistics & Recycling Solutions led by the amazing Bob Purvis, who have generously offered a large warehouse facility and help with transportation.   The levels of poverty across our communities is nothing short of horrendous. Families struggle to feed themselves properly and heat there homes never mind purchase essential items that make their house a home . We want to make sure every child across Fife grows up in a household where they have a solid foundation, where they feel safe and secure and where parents don’t feel dehumanized and this project will ensure that we are a step closer to making this happen.   We are absolutely blown away by Amazons support and commitment to this project, this will make a life changing difference to so many across our communities.